Italy 2005

June 29, 2006

Inspired by my trip to Italy last spring, I decided to recreate one of my memorable meals. The first picture is me sitting down for lunch on the cliffs in Cinque Terre. As I looked over the ocean, I enjoyed some Italian prosciutto, a fresh bun from the bakery and a little olive mixture on the side. So good.

The second picture is the same ingredients that I purchased at an Italian deli on Commercial Drive, called La Grotta. This time I ate it at my desk, in the office, overlooking McLean Street in the industrial area of East Vancouver. Hmmm…it still tasted good. 


Smoked Meat, Vancouver

June 27, 2006

I know the traditional Montreal smoked meat sandwich is supposed to be just meat and mustard, but those pickles in my fridge were callin’ out, again. I’ve also been craving some of this fresh jar of horseradish I bought last week, and decided to pair it with yellow mustard instead of using hot mustard. I think this will be a nice twist on the conventional smoked meat and mustard combo.

Ingredients: Montreal Smoked Meat, Sliced pickles, Mustard, Horseradish on toasted 12 grain bread.



June 26, 2006

Pretty basic sandwich, but always a delight. I chose this one today so I could taste test the new pickles I bought. I went for a big jar of pre-sliced ones. They’re good and 3 of them fit my bread slice perfectly (see below).

Ingredients: Cheddar cheese, Sliced Pickles, Mayo, Hot mustard and Pepper.

Dear Office,

June 21, 2006

I am writing to apologize for today’s stinky egg salad sandwich. I couldn’t help myself. It’s too tasty to resist. As a token of my sorrow, John, I brought you a sandwich too.

Ingredients: Hard Boiled Eggs, Pickle, Green Onion, Mayo, A squirt of mustard, S&P, mixed up and put between toasted multigrain bread.

Sushi Sammy

June 20, 2006

Today’s sandwich was inspired by one of my favorite sushi roll ingredients. Pea shoots. They are a nice substitution from your average alfalfa sprout and are commonly used in veggie rolls. I haven’t tried this in a sandwich before so we will see how it turns out….

….okay, I just ate the sandwich and it was good, but a mild flavour. I’ll describe it as ‘crisp’. I will definitely try to use this ingredient in future sandwich combinations.

Ingredients: Cheddar cheese, Pea shoots, Cucumber, Avocado, Mayo, Hot Mustard, S&P on toasted multigrain bread.

Sandwich Splurge

June 19, 2006

Yummy, yummy, La Grotta. Customized grilled panninis rule.

Ingredients: Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar, Basil pesto mayo, Artichokes, Onions, Tomato, Grilled red pepper, Grilled eggplant, Banana peppers, Swiss cheese, Salami, all pressed between whole wheat foccacia.

…but that’s just me.

Working for the Weekend

June 17, 2006

It's friday and I'm ready for the weekend. That was my excuse for not taking a photo of my lunch, today.

It  was nothing to write home about, as they say……although I somehow find it worthy to write to you about.

Ingredients: Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Avocado, Mustard, Mayo, S&P on multigrain bread.


June 15, 2006

Well, this is yesterday’s lunch. I guess I’ve really got to be on top of this blogging business to stay in sequence.

It’s a traditional B.L.T. but with some tasty double smoked, thick cut bacon from my favorite butcher.

Ingredients: Bacon, Roma Tomatoes, Lettuce, Mayo, S&P on multigrain bread.

Turkey Avo Rancher

June 12, 2006

This picture turned out pretty dark but if you look close, the multigrain bun looks like a bran muffin.

Ingredients: Smoked Turkey, Avocado and Ranch dressing.

P.B. & J

June 9, 2006

Well, I still haven’t gone grocery shopping and my boring P.B. & J sandwich from yesterday was followed by nothing, today. We will see what my weekend has in store and I’ll try to be better prepared for Monday….sorry Allan.

I did take the time to draw a picture of my sandwich from yesterday. Allan also had a photo worthy sandwich today, which oddly enough was exactly the same as mine yesterday. Adam’s 100% Natural Peanut Butter and 45% reduced sugar jam, stupid? Hardly, Eric.