Un Bagel

June 6, 2006

MmmmHmmm, a classic veggie… on a bagel. I would have normally chosen whole wheat but they were out and this sesame was straight out of the giant oven. Still warm. If you have never tried this sandwich, please do, I highly recommend it.

Ingredients: Cheddar cheese, Lettuce, Cucumber, Mustard, Mayo, S&P, on a sesame seed bagel.


4 Responses to “Un Bagel”

  1. sergeant sandwich Says:

    all look delish. 21 words for you: avocado, tomato, lettuce, mayo, olive oil, pepper and sea salt, thick country bread. with a tang orange pop and jalapeno chips. oh and 3 more words: beach costa rica.

  2. Bumpin' Bagels Says:

    I just made my lova an opened faced egg salad on an everything bagel. He says its the best hes ever had.
    eggs, miracle whip, green onions, titch of grey poopon, pepper. Tomatoes as garnish. Delicious.

  3. jon roth Says:

    i finished my sandwhich and let me tell you… delicious! so yeah thanks for that. enjoy your pedicure.

  4. […] This is an ultimate fave sammy combination right here. I blogged this bad boy back in ‘06, my 4th post actually. It was on a bagel back then but its really a lot better on toast. Please try […]

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