Italy 2005

June 29, 2006

Inspired by my trip to Italy last spring, I decided to recreate one of my memorable meals. The first picture is me sitting down for lunch on the cliffs in Cinque Terre. As I looked over the ocean, I enjoyed some Italian prosciutto, a fresh bun from the bakery and a little olive mixture on the side. So good.

The second picture is the same ingredients that I purchased at an Italian deli on Commercial Drive, called La Grotta. This time I ate it at my desk, in the office, overlooking McLean Street in the industrial area of East Vancouver. Hmmm…it still tasted good. 


One Response to “Italy 2005”

  1. sergeant sandwich Says:

    A) thanks for giving me directions to your office. now i know where to find you. stalk you. love you. i can watch you from the bush across the street, you eating your sandwich, me eating mine. and i can rub my san. all over my hairy belly while stingingly sitting on a bottle of hot keen’s mustard. olive’s over my nipples, prosciutto hanging from my face, like “dumb and dumber”‘s ode to “silence of the lambs…silence of the hams.” applicable to your tuscan ham san. too. “yeah, that’s it, take another bite of that grilled cheese you little sandwich slut,” i whisper to myself while i put the cum in cucumber (i know that’s not an ingredient in your san. but whatever.) Hmmm…it still tasted good.
    B) did you insert that photo of yourself to prove that you are not a heffer from all this bulk sandwich eating? or is that really you? cause that chick is keen hot. if you know what i mean. please post bikini pics to convince me.

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