The Miracle of Tuna

July 28, 2006

I bought my sandwich today. It was a whopping $2.50 at a bakery up the road. I think it’s called ‘Bakery’. They make these super cheap, super fresh sandwiches and they taste super good too. I went for the tuna. The first bite of a tuna sandwich is a little mysterious. Is it gonna’ be Mayo or Miracle Whip? This one was Miracle Whip. M/W isn’t usually my flavour, but it was a nice change.


7 Responses to “The Miracle of Tuna”

  1. you are a liar Says:

    I do not believe you can taste the difference between mw and mayo. Why are you such a liar?

  2. Sando Calrissian Says:

    As the sandwidch administrator of the cloud city I can tell you with out a doubt that there is a difference between mw and mayo. You have many years of training to go if you do not yet know the difference.

    Miricle Wip=Gross, Mayo=Hell yeah.

  3. sergeant sandwich Says:

    -i agree with ‘sando’. but you don’t even like sci-fi so you’ve probably never even been to cloud city. god. or as they would say on C9, flga (pronounced FIL-GAY.) on C9 they make sick zegronkey burgers with quiw seaweed from the great lake of qautar. it is forced down your throat whole, using the PT9Z diode antiray tube (kind of like an adapted space doo doo pistol, in case you were wondering.) the burger is tastless for 15 seconds. once in your tummy it explodes with the exotic flavours from thousands of planets, literally, the zegronkeys are a rare life form (kind of like a hybrid space monkey/donkey/zebra/owl/sloth/platypus) that planet hop across the galaxy to their spawning ground on C9. only to be herded by ‘sando’s’ peeps with the aforementioned space doo doo pistols into a caldera that continues to be heated geothermally. they are steamed for over a century, 127 years to be exact, to achieve the perfect tenderness. then they are thrown into a pit of cool magma (yes even magma can be cool, relatively, -150’C), until their skin is crisp like KFC chicken. the rest of the recipe is a secret.
    -oh ya: ‘you are a liar’ is an acid head so he/she/it can’t even tell the diff. between nutella and dogshit.
    -‘the miracle of tuna’ punctuation/spelling corrections: “IT’S called…”, and “super FRESH…”)

  4. Sammy wich Davis Jr. Says:

    sergeant sandwich…NO.

    and there is no Miracle of tuna.

    It’s a Miracle that anybody likes canned tuna when you can eat some delicious tuna…that isn’t canned.

  5. sergeant sandwich Says:

    what do you call a sandwich with the following ingredients? the ugly kid from E.T., heinz ketchup, hellmann’s mayo, rotten eggs, and stinky tuna? elliot heinzman. oooooo. snap. oh no he didn’t. yeah he did, sergeant sandwich always did’s…YES

  6. Sammy wich Davis Jr. Says:


    ive got nothing

  7. sergeant sandwich Says:

    hahahahah, just kidding buddy. let’s take over this site to chitchat, sorta using it like snowboard.gaycom. fuck the sandwich shit. hellooo, this is 2006, it’s all about wraps. by the way, 2007, return of the bagel.

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