Damn Ham

August 11, 2006

Oh no, not again. I’ve been duped by the ham for the second time (see July 17th entry). I was drawn to the look of a ‘organic, free range, smoked…something, something’ with a fancy name for pork…….a.k.a. HAM! It’s not that it tasted bad, but ham is just so darn plain that it needs the right compliment (and condiment). This time, my fridge was not prepared and I was forced to go simple. It’s okay though, it’s nice to have a good old fashion tasting sammy.

Ingredients: Ham (or whatever fancy name you want to come up with), Lettuce and Mustard on whole wheat bread.


3 Responses to “Damn Ham”

  1. sergeant sandwich Says:

    what about: sir hamington the 3rd of new porkshire.

  2. you are a liar Says:

    it looks to me there was a sandwich love connection made here by sargeant sandwich and sammy davis jr. they sure like to ‘ham’ it up!

  3. sergeant sandwich Says:

    listen little liar. sArgeant is a place in minnesota. sErgeant is what i am. yeah i like to ham it up. speaking of ham, the sgt., and sammy, have you ever heard of spit roasting. that’s right, you know what i’m talking about. watch it girl. we put the spit in spit roasting. salut.

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