Patte Sandwich? Really?

October 25, 2006


Ingredients: Cognac Herb Patte, Pickles (i took them off) on a multigrain bun.


WOW, this sandwich is dreamy. I can almost taste the amount of effort put into this multi-step sandwich creation. This is  homemade-hot-sandwich-perfection, down to every healthy ingredient. PD you’re putting Subway’s ‘sandwich artists’ to shame. Kudos.

Not Just Ingredients… Instructions too: Patty made of: cooked mashed butternut squash, alaskan smoked salmon, corn, egg – mix. make patty, fry w/ olive oil. Melted cheddar cheese (no dyes), avocado, mayo, butter and pepper on toasted flax seed whole wheat bread / sprouted grains, no flour.

Frange Eggs

October 24, 2006

New Rule: You can’t have your name in the title of your sandwich unless you made the sandwich yourself. Sorry Dom.

Ingredients: Free Range Eggs, Lettuce, Mayo and other things on brown bread.

Dad Knows

October 24, 2006

Thanks for lunch, Dad. Nice ‘n spicy.

Ingredients:Spicy unidentified meat and mustard on a multigrain bun.

The patte was also a hit.

My friend Lindsay gave me a book of sandwich recipes. Apparently people ate really gross sandwiches back in 1960, when the book was published. This pocket sized treasure bears ingredients to a ‘variety of sandwiches’, indeed. Anything from Cheese & Banana, and Shrimp & Green Bean, to Toasted Tongue Sandwiches. I don’t think I could work through most of these recipes simply due to the rarity of the ingredients in these witches’ brews. It’s not too often I have ‘marmite’ or ‘smoking fat’ kickin’ around the house. But the day that I do….

Crazy Calabrese

October 19, 2006

Calabrese rhymes with ‘crazy’ and is a type of spicy salami.

Ingredients: Calabrese and mustard on 9 grain bread.

Smoked Cheese Sandwich

October 16, 2006

As a Sunday spin on the traditional grilled cheese sandwich, I went with smoked Gouda between slices. I was really good.

Ingredients: Smoked Gouda between 9 grain bread, buttered on the outside. Serve with ketchup.

Gourmet Veggie

October 16, 2006

No doubt, you can count on Dom and Marc to find the best veggie sandwich in town. This is pretty much one of the nicer sandwich wrappings that I’ve ever seen. When there is this much effort on the outside, there’s bound to be a quality sandwich inside.

I regretted packing a lunch, this day.

Ingredients: Avocado, Walnuts, Lettuce, Cucumber, Olive Oil and Balsamic on a fresh baguette.

Swiss Delish

October 12, 2006

Plain, simple, veggie, delish.

Ingredients: Swiss cheese, Avocado, Tomato, Mayo, Salt and lots of Pepper on whole wheat.

Tasteful Sequence

October 12, 2006

Mmmmmm, leftover pasta sauce makes for a great open faced, hot sandwich. I bbq-ed some chorizo and added it to pasta sauce with mushrooms. Bake that goodness on some toast and melt the cheese just right.

Ingredients: Italian Sausage and mushroom pasta sauce, baked on whole wheat toast with swiss cheese.