April 2, 2008

New deli spot + Too many decisions = Halfers with a KB!

Yeah! And it’s a good thing we did share cause both sides were delish. One toasted, one not toasted, all around great variety.

Chicken Salad Ingredients: Chicken (mixed with celery, onion and mayo), lettuce, tomato and S&P on whole wheat.

Club Sandwich Ingredients: Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and mayo on 3 levels of toasted whole wheat.


4 Responses to “Share-sies!”

  1. KB Says:

    …MMM MMM

  2. Ina Box Says:

    location of said deli?

  3. mmmayo Says:

    Location?…welllll, not the nicest part of town. It’s like a diamond in the rough, one block south of Clark and Hastings. It’s called Europa Deli…but there’s not much European about it. They serve grilled cheese for $3, as well as chinese food!

  4. 3rd wheel Says:

    i was fortunate enough to chaperone these share-sies and got myself a hearty BLT for $4.25 – toasted! i knocked it before i tried it and i was wrong – it was very yum indeed.

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