April 10, 2008

My dad gave me some grade ‘A’ pork to make shnitzel and it tied me down to some cookin’ commitment. Last night I had to fire up the stove for a 10pm fry-sesh while the pork was still prime. It was worth it, the late-night cook off yeilded a pretty alright batch of shnitz. Then again, is there such thing as a bad batch? NO there isn’t. This has probably been my favourite sammy since I started eating solid food. Maybe you’re a total wookie and you like cheese and mushroom sauce on your shnitzel, but not on my blog. This is Horvath tradition right here.

Ingredients: Homemade shnitzel, Lettuce, Mayo and Pepper on a bun.

Thanks Dad!



3 Responses to “Commitment”

  1. Ina Box Says:

    i know of a spot that serves the “european schnitzel club”. totally deadly!

  2. mmmayo Says:

    I am interested in this ‘spot’ and I am very interested in this ‘euro shnitz club’.

  3. da beers Says:

    I’ll second that. Best schnitz in the city of glass. Although, I can’t say I miss it, I’m living in schnitzel rich country at the moment. Keep up the good work, sand witch.

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