Like Soooo Euroooo

May 5, 2008

A visit from my Dad = another cold-cut delivery. Excellent. This time something different too; one-sandwich portion of Dutch Smoked Beef. Apparently there is a very authentic European deli in Victoria that smokes this beef in-house and makes their own salami and stuff. Wasn’t really sure what to put in the sammy but it worked out. Trying new things is fun. Looked weird, smelled smokey, tasted great! Would have been nice as a hot sandwich.

And I got a jar of ‘the best’ German red cabbage, according to Emery. Also a nice change for my lunch.

Ingredients: Dutch Smoked Beef, Balderson’s Sharp White Cheddar, Horseradish and Mustard on Flax toast.


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  1. […] and sausages are made in-house. I have had the pleasure of trying their Hungarian Salami and their Dutch Smoked Beef in the […]

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