The Bestest

May 6, 2008

This is the best best sandwich. I don’t just write this blog to rodomontade I really hope that you try these recipes. This one happens to be ultra good because of the salami. As mentioned in yesterday’s lunch post, this is some homemade hungarian salami from a Euro-deli on the Island. According to a reliable source, this is the best Hungarian salami he’s tried since being in Canada (40 years!). Tastes just like it does ‘back home’…

Ingredients: Hungarian Salami, Green Peppers and Keen’s Hot Mustard on a whole wheat bun.


5 Responses to “The Bestest”

  1. sergeant sandwich Says:

    next time try rodomontade’s mustard instead of keen’s hot mustard, i dont want to brag but its delish!

  2. Ina Box Says:

    as an avid reader/huge fan of your blog, not to mention a fellow brown bagger, i have a question and a request that i was hoping you could answer for me (i am sure others also want to know but just don’t have the balls to ask. so here we go:
    1) this is a request for perhaps a second pic of each sammie with a bite taken out and therefore a better view to the insides of said sandwich. i think it might even make me feel like i was right there enjoying that sandwich myself!!
    2) like i said i am also a brown bagger and often run into the age old problem of soggy sandwich come lunchtime. i use a few different techniques to combat this and was curious as to what you do to avoid this dilema.
    thanks for your time and i look forward to your answers and any other knowledge you care to share.

  3. mmmayo Says:

    wow, i’d like to start by saying thank you to ‘Ina Box’ for your avid devotion to mmmayo. If only I could share my lunches with ALL my fans…but you know what they say ‘life is short’….or ahhh ‘you win some, you lose some’…and ummm..’if i give some to you, I have to give some to every body else!’. I think that sums it up, sooooooo….fuck soggy sandwiches! toast your bread or pack the tomatoes seperately!
    have a great weekend everyone!!

  4. sergeant sandwich Says:

    ina box is a sicko, and needs to put his sick ina box…brown bagging, balls, soggy sandwiches, pics of the insides of sammy, curious!!! ya bunch of sammy pervs! the sarge don’t accept that kind of talk in the navy. but he does accept seamen.

  5. […] Deli where all their meats and sausages are made in-house. I have had the pleasure of trying their Hungarian Salami and their Dutch Smoked Beef in the […]

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