Les sandwich

October 20, 2008

Been in Montreal, eatin sandwiches…

A Thank-You Sandwich

Thanksgiving leftover sammies still happen in Montreal.

Ingredients: Du Turkey, Du Fromage Cheddar, Les Tomates, Du Mayo and le sel et poivre.


Look familiar? It’s the same place as last time: Abie’s. Same order as last time too: Smoked Meat, Fries, Pickle and a Cherry Coke. Pretty good but a little dry this time. Some say Abie’s is is the best. Apparently its run by the original guys that opened Schwartz. Schwartz is now run by some Greek fellas. Some say Schwartz, some say Abie’s, some say Lester’s, I say: YES PLEASE!

Ingredients: Smoked Meat and Mustard on Rye (obvi!)


Had to blog this burg. It’s like a hot sandwich, it counts right? Please read the ingredients below. I wish for you that you will one day visit La Paryse in Montreal for this sammie-like perfection.

Ingredients: Beef Patty, Cream Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickle, Mushrooms, Mustard and Mayo…and Ketchup?


And last but not least, Dad gets a chunk of Schwartz smoked meat, as requested.

Directions: Steam for 2 hours and enjoy!!


2 Responses to “Les sandwich”

  1. Dad Says:

    Thanks, I can hardly wait. ( 3 more sleeps) I’ll have to get some fresh rye-bread and some cherry molsons 🙂

  2. sergeant sandwich Says:

    1. du mazda symbol?
    2. order the med-fatty/fatty for some oily, wet meat.
    3. whom is the little upside down head in the top left corner?
    4. greeks…malakas!

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