Sam Press Tes(t)

September 28, 2009

Alright so, we have 2 new sandwich presses at work now. I’ve tested them and I do like them…for different reasons. Checkkkk it outtt.

The Proctor Silex #1

She’s hot! Watch your lunch and expect the bread to burn before the cheese melts. OR, like any good BBQ master, flip that sh*t! Nice and even on each side and you will be well pleased.

I had the same reuben for lunch as last night’s dinner, only with Keens Hot Mustard instead of the grainy stuff. I don’t know about that grainy mustard, and its the expensive jar too! Maybe I just haven’t found my recipe yet.

press 1

Proctor Silex #2– Meal Maker Edition

The second press I have used before. It truly is a press cause it flattens your sandwich into some locked-up bread of hot and melted. I think I can get pretty crafty with these pockets, we will see how it goes.

The Meal Maker also takes the liberty of cutting your sandwiches into triangles, Thank you!

wallet press

Home Brew- Old Faithful

Now whether at the office or at home, when making a warmed sam you always want to put the pressure on that sucker. Fry that guy and help melt the cheese! Use your spatula and press it down OR let the pickles do the muscle work…

home press

Now looking at the photos above, the bread on this last sam is most definitely toasted to perfection HOWEVER! I always butter the outside when pan-toasting at home. Unfair advantage? Mmm Mmm either way.


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