October 28, 2009

Oh MAN! this was a yummy recipe. Eggplant and Goat-Cheese Sandwiches with Tomato Tarragon Sauce. Check out how to make it HERE. Next time I will cut the eggplant a lil’ thinner and hopefully they’ll be a lil’ more crispy. Soooo good…

Ingredients:  Fried Eggplant coated in Breadcrumbs and Parmesan, filled with Goat Cheese. Tomato Tarragon sauce on the side.



Samon Samich

October 28, 2009

Like tuna but salmon.

Ingredients: Baked Wild Sokeye Salmon, Green Onion, Mayo, Dill and S&P on toasted multigrain bread.



October 28, 2009

There’s a new deli/butcher up the street in Kitsilano and so far it’s passing all my tests with flying colors! I love it.


Test 1: An easy and obvious test for any deli…Roast Beef. It’s made in-house and it’s cooked perfectly medium rare. I have a photo of the dark pink slices but the photo looks a little too carnivorous to post, even to me. “A”


Ingredients: Roast Beef, Mozzerella, Hot Mustard and Horseradish, grilled on multigrain bread.


Test 2: Free range, no hormone chicken breast at an affordable price. Check, check and check! “A+”


October 21, 2009

I keep driving by the new Big Mac Monopoly billboards around town and they finally got to me! I was totally craving a Big Mac the other night…and that’s not even my McD of choice! EVER!

I pretty much never eat McDonald’s any more, for multiple and obvious reasons…unless it’s like a code red hangover. Anyway, in lieu of an unhealthy Big Mac, I re-created a ghetto veggie version. It wasn’t really that great but I got a similar taste. Would probably be better with some kind of meat, like turkey or ham even. And maybe in a bun, with multiple layers. And two all beef patties…ok just kidding, but def add turkey or ham.

Ingredients: (Melted) Mozzerella, Pickles, Red Onion, Thousand Island Dressing on toasted multigrain.

big mac

Chicken Melt

October 21, 2009

Like tuna but chicken.

Ingredients: Chicken, Mozzerella, Celery, Green Onion, Franks Red Hot Sauce, Mayo and S&P on multigrain…baked open-faced.



October 16, 2009

When you’re already 45 minutes late for work because you had to go back to bed twice in one morning, drive directly to 1555 Yew Street in Kitsilano and order a grilled ham&cheese croissant. SO FRICKEN GOOD. The perfect combo of mild yet delicious flavors for your hangover palette, as well as unhealthy oily, salty goodness to tame your angry belly. This does it for me, good to go!

Ingredients: Ham, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo on a croissant.



October 16, 2009

I think I first read about LAS TORTAS on Vancouver Slop and had been anticipating my first visit. I went to check ‘er out the other day annnnd, welllllll, I don’t really like to give bad reviews cause I really do love and enjoy good food, but it was like too much good or something. Hmmm, how do I describe it…

PROS: Quality ingredients, lots of tasty toppings, good chips, good bread….all was good!

CONS: Too heavy? Not greasy enough (a la Duffins)? How can something be too heavy but not greasy enough??

I dunno, its like having a healthy, dry burger y’know? Somethings just gotta be juicy and sloppy and saucy. Whooooo knowwwwws, maybe I just was expecting something else or wasn’t in the mood. Alls I know is that I could only eat half the sandwich and chips, and then after I felt like crawling into a coffin and dying 😐 Oy! that’s not a good review, oops! It’s good, it’s good, you might like it. You decide.

Ingredients (from memory): Marinated Pork, Cheese, Guacomole, Chilis, Onions, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Chipolte Mayo, Beans…I might have forgotten something! And remember, you could order a different meat or cheese or veggie. Maybe I just chose the wrong thing?!

las tortas

Looks good right?

I would maybe try the Choriqueso in the Vancouver Slop review. THAT’s what I wanted! Sloppy Joe-esque. And I always opt for chorizo dishes…but the pork combo meal was on special this day. I guess I cheaped out and payed the price in flavor. Bummer.

(Monsieur Subs)

October 16, 2009

Dagwoods is commonly described as the Subway of Montreal…to the average person that is. I however, would like to more precisely compare it to Mr.Subs. A lil’ more fresh, no weird Subway smell/taste, and they use Dagwoods Special Sauce (aka Italian Dressing). For those 3 reasons I like it better than Subway, as do like Mr.Subs better than Subway too. BUT Dagwoods vs. Mr.Subs? Umm, I’m callin’ Dagwoods! They even have spicy Dagwoods Special Sauce…which is simply Italian dressing + Franks Hot Sauce, but I like the creativity. They score a 10/10 in the fast food franchise sub world.

Ingredients: Turkey, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Mayo, Mustard and Dagwoods sauce on whole wheat.


Oh shoooooot! Perhaps I’m too quick to generalize the Dagwoods ‘secret sauce’ as Italian dressing. Straight from the Dagwoods website


It’s under lock and key… but you can get it free with every Dagwoods order – Dagwoods’ special sauce; an oil and mayo base with secret herbs and spices.

 Hmmm riiiiight, and I’m sure no one can guess what’s in the Big Mac Sauce either. Keep that sh*t under lock and key!

Rotisserie Portuguaise

October 15, 2009


Oui! C’est Coco Rico….or should I say: É Coco Rico!


Montreal’s first Portuguese Rotisserie, open since 1970. Coco Rico is next door to the famed Schwartz Deli on St.Laurent …and it’s just as good!

You can get a quarter, a half, or a whole chicken….OR a chicken sandwich! Mmmm Mmm. Crissssspy Chicken. I wasn’t offered mayo on my sandwich but next time I will ask for it, and I recommend you do the same. The Portuguese know how to cook a chicken and they sure know how to bake bread. The bun was perfection! A combo comes with 4 lil’ roasted potatoes and your choice of 4 salads. I opted for coleslaw. Tasty custard desserts also available and also recommended for the full meal experience. Delicioso!

Ingredients (with adjectives): Crispy Rotisserie Chicken on the softest bun ever.

Ingredients (w/o adjectives): Chicken and Bun.


chik sam

Eggsactly How I Wanted

October 15, 2009

Shooooot, this turned out exactly as I had hoped. A nice thin egg for sandwich layering. Now don’t forget the hot sauce!

Ingredients: Scrambled egg with Franks Red Hot Sauce, (Melted) Swiss Cheese, Tomato, Avocado and S&P on toasted whole wheat.