Rotisserie Portuguaise

October 15, 2009


Oui! C’est Coco Rico….or should I say: É Coco Rico!


Montreal’s first Portuguese Rotisserie, open since 1970. Coco Rico is next door to the famed Schwartz Deli on St.Laurent …and it’s just as good!

You can get a quarter, a half, or a whole chicken….OR a chicken sandwich! Mmmm Mmm. Crissssspy Chicken. I wasn’t offered mayo on my sandwich but next time I will ask for it, and I recommend you do the same. The Portuguese know how to cook a chicken and they sure know how to bake bread. The bun was perfection! A combo comes with 4 lil’ roasted potatoes and your choice of 4 salads. I opted for coleslaw. Tasty custard desserts also available and also recommended for the full meal experience. Delicioso!

Ingredients (with adjectives): Crispy Rotisserie Chicken on the softest bun ever.

Ingredients (w/o adjectives): Chicken and Bun.


chik sam


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