October 16, 2009

I think I first read about LAS TORTAS on Vancouver Slop and had been anticipating my first visit. I went to check ‘er out the other day annnnd, welllllll, I don’t really like to give bad reviews cause I really do love and enjoy good food, but it was like too much good or something. Hmmm, how do I describe it…

PROS: Quality ingredients, lots of tasty toppings, good chips, good bread….all was good!

CONS: Too heavy? Not greasy enough (a la Duffins)? How can something be too heavy but not greasy enough??

I dunno, its like having a healthy, dry burger y’know? Somethings just gotta be juicy and sloppy and saucy. Whooooo knowwwwws, maybe I just was expecting something else or wasn’t in the mood. Alls I know is that I could only eat half the sandwich and chips, and then after I felt like crawling into a coffin and dying 😐 Oy! that’s not a good review, oops! It’s good, it’s good, you might like it. You decide.

Ingredients (from memory): Marinated Pork, Cheese, Guacomole, Chilis, Onions, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Chipolte Mayo, Beans…I might have forgotten something! And remember, you could order a different meat or cheese or veggie. Maybe I just chose the wrong thing?!

las tortas

Looks good right?

I would maybe try the Choriqueso in the Vancouver Slop review. THAT’s what I wanted! Sloppy Joe-esque. And I always opt for chorizo dishes…but the pork combo meal was on special this day. I guess I cheaped out and payed the price in flavor. Bummer.


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  1. […] 27, 2010 Tried LAS TORTAS on Cambie Street again yesterday and it was wayyyy better than the first time. I ordered the Choriqueso and it was juicy and drippy and spicy […]

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