October 21, 2009

I keep driving by the new Big Mac Monopoly billboards around town and they finally got to me! I was totally craving a Big Mac the other night…and that’s not even my McD of choice! EVER!

I pretty much never eat McDonald’s any more, for multiple and obvious reasons…unless it’s like a code red hangover. Anyway, in lieu of an unhealthy Big Mac, I re-created a ghetto veggie version. It wasn’t really that great but I got a similar taste. Would probably be better with some kind of meat, like turkey or ham even. And maybe in a bun, with multiple layers. And two all beef patties…ok just kidding, but def add turkey or ham.

Ingredients: (Melted) Mozzerella, Pickles, Red Onion, Thousand Island Dressing on toasted multigrain.

big mac


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