Infinity Wrap

December 18, 2009

I have had this box of plastic wrap since 2003!! Yup, it was from my first roomies in Whistler. I got it in the divorce (just kidding they’re my best friends), I brought it with me to my new place on the upper south side and then trecked it down to Vancouver a couple of years later. AND IT’S STILL YIELDING!! Only thing is I dropped it once and lost the little cutter, but it’s been going this whole time.

It’s crazy to me. Costco is bogus….or maybe great, I don’t know, definitely insane. I had to tell you about this box of wrap while its still got some life and now you can witness how much longer it will still last before its done. And I pack lunches!! This has wrapped probably 98% of the homebrew sandwiches on this blog. And all my cheese! And all my…. well, you get it. It’s crazy right?


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