Custom Built

February 26, 2010

We watched some Olympics and had a sandwich staff lunch this past Wednesday at the office. We chose our own meat, cheese, veggies and bun, for custom build-out sandwiches all around. I think I used every ingredient…

Ingredients: Hot Capicola, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Sprouts, Tomato, Cucumber, Pickle, Mayo and Grainy Mustard on baguette.




February 20, 2010

To: Me

With Love From: Me

Ingredients: Strawberries and Whipped Cream between Chocolate painted Almond Cookies.


February 17, 2010


I’ve never been much of an apple person until now. Until I took the time to find ‘my apple’. 

My apple is a fresh Gala apple. Whole, cut up, with cheese, in salad…and on sandwich! When I started my intentional quest to find my favourite apple, I didn’t think I would also find my fave new sandwich ingredient. 

It’s so good on sammies! Not too overpowering. Crisp and juicy, but not soggy. It’s like a replacement for lettuce & tomato. It pairs well with Turkey, Ham and Salami, plus any type of cheese. I love it. I bet it would be good with tuna even. 

Ingredients: Smoked Turkey, Mozzarella Cheese, Gala Apple, Dijon Mustard, grilled on whole wheat bread. 


Brotha From Anotha Motha

February 16, 2010

Look at these two. Like long lost twins or something. Two different creations, two different creators, but very similar characteristics. There were some serious brain waves happening between North Van and Kits this a.m.

…and right up to lunch time today when LB snaked the sandwich press. Just another similar but different attribute of our sandwiches…

Ingredients: Tofurkey, Organic White Cheddar Cheese, Dijon Mustard, on whole grain bread, grilled in the sandwich press.

Ingredients: Smoked Turkey, Mozzerella Cheese, Dijon Mustard, on whole wheat bread, pressed on the sandwich grill.


February 9, 2010

This is the best sandwich I’ve ever had.

I’m taking full creds on inventing it. I mean, I’ve never heard of it exactly as so, so I invented it! Plus it was freestyle, the apples were a total afterthought so there was definitely no copying here.

You MUST try this. New fave-all-time-best-ever sandwich invention.

Ingredients: Smoked Turkey, Cambozola Cheese, Gala Apples, Red Onion, Dijon mustard, grilled or melted in the oven on whole wheat toast.

Selleck: N.K.O.T.B.

February 9, 2010

There’s a new sandwich blog on the scene.

It’s pretty good, it’s called: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.

I did a little Google search and this site is getting a whole lot of press. National Post, Entertainment Weekly, UK Metro…damn. I mean, I prefer my average of 2 website hits per day and my devoted handful of Mmmayo fans, thanks guys!

So ya, check out THIS SITE. I probably wouldn’t have found it had Tom himself not sent me the link.

My train of thoughts went something like this: ‘what?…weird…ha…ha…huh?…niiiice’. After the confusion quickly dissolved I couldn’t help admire the cut&paste skills. Was hard to find an overall fave. Each waterfall, sandwich and Selleck has their own appeal, not to mention the composition, music and movement.


February 9, 2010


Hungary has brought many things to our lives.

My obvious favourite being…

A recent visit to Vancouver Island brought me to a European Deli where all their meats and sausages are made in-house. I have had the pleasure of trying their Hungarian Salami and their Dutch Smoked Beef in the past.

Check out the Jellied Ox Tongue in the photo below…ewwwe.

This visit they were out of Hungarian Salami so I followed my Dad’s lead and ordered the Hungarian Head Cheese. Some would say ‘ewe’ to that I guess…actually I think I did even. But I went for it. And it was good. It was great actually! The bun was fresh and the fixins were just right!

Ingredients: Hungarian Head Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickle, Mustard and Mayo on a bun.

Well heck, isn’t my face red. According to Wiki:

Head cheese  is not a cheese but a meat jelly made with pieces from the head of a calf or pig (sometimes a sheep or cow) in aspic. It may include meat from the feet, tongue, and heart.

Historically meat jellies were made of the cleaned (all organs removed) head of the animal, which was simmered to produce stock, a peasant food made since the Middle Ages. When cooled, the stock congeals because of the natural gelatin found in the skull.

Mmmm, wow. I guess the only difference between what I ate and the Jellied Ox Tongue, is that mine had the word ‘Hungarian’ in it. Which means it great, obviously.