110 pounds

September 14, 2010

…not like LBS…like sterling!!!

Chef Martin Blunos created a £111.95 cheese sandwich! Its a 1/2 kg double decker filled with white truffle, 100 yr old balsamic vinegar, quail’s egg and sprinkled with edible gold dust. I’M INTO IT!

Read more about it HERE.

Ingredients: Layered Cheese, Quail’s Egg, Black Tomato (!!), Epicure Apple (??), Fresh Figs, Mustard Red Frills, Pea Shoots, Red Amaranth (?), Olive Oil, Balsamic and Gold Dust (!!?) on sourdough.


2 Responses to “110 pounds”

  1. Abbie Says:

    i mean it sounds amazing
    isnt’t 110 pounds a little-
    over the top?
    there is no point in using ‘epicure apple’. It just doesn’t work with the quail’s egg! You can either have one or the other!
    And what are fresh figs doing with ‘red amaranth’ may I ask?!
    no no no
    I’m sorry but I would know Chef Blunos!
    I own 3 michelin star restaurants including one with 3 michelin stars and the rest with 2 michelin stars.
    I have worked in many hotels including the ‘Ritz’so I have an idea of what goes well together. And this combination clearly doesn’t.
    I am sorry to give such a harsh complaint but I do think it is arrogant to sell a sandwich for such a ridiculous price!
    Please could you kindly write back as a I would be interested in your response.

    Abigail Rocher

  2. mmmayo Says:

    But I already wrote my opinion…above!

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